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Diversity increases our innovative ability and ensures the success of the company

We at Zeppelin are divers. We differ in appearance, have different habits, life plans, competencies and experiences. WE ARE COLOURFUL!

A colourful mix of diverse personalities helps us to reflect better, act more creatively and take smarter decisions. And this is how we ensure our long-term success. The appreciation of diversity and equal opportunities is at the heart of our Inclusion, Equity & Diversity (IED) initiative at Zeppelin.

We are working specifically on a corporate culture that promotes tolerance and mutual respect and counteracts all forms of discrimination.

Zeppelin is a member of the Diversity Charter (, a German employer initiative to promote diversity in companies. By signing the Charter, we have made a voluntary commitment to specifically promote diversity and appreciation at Zeppelin.

We offer numerous measures, events and training courses for Zeppelin employees in the context of these programs and our Group initiative IED.


Equal opportunities and diversity go hand in hand at Zeppelin: Only the interaction of a high diversity of experiences and perspectives leads to new approaches, open thinking processes and sustainable solutions.

Alexandra Mebus, Managing Director and Labour Director Zeppelin GmbH

Employers for Equality

We are a founding partner of Employers for Equality (, a program for gender, equality & diversity in companies hosted by the PANDA GmbH. As a member company, we are committed to equal rights and want to actively promote progress in business and society.