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Spare Parts

Play it safe and order Cat and MaK genuine spare parts from Zeppelin Power Systems. We have exactly the right part for your engine version. Of course, any part comes with a comprehensive standard warranty.

Cat and MaK engine parts are designed to be particularly robust, thus guaranteeing maximum resistance and an extended service life.

Cat oil

Cat Oil is specially engineered for maximum component life, by providing protection against oxidation, preventing deposits, and maintaining the proper viscosity. Each type of oil undergoes extensive testing to document extended oil change interval capability when used in combination with regular S•O•SSM oil diagnostics. Keep your engine fit and save on operating costs, too, thanks to an extended service life.

Cat filter and MaK filters: air filters, oil filters, hydraulic filters and fuel filters

Cleanliness of the system is an important factor in reducing cost of ownership and operating costs. Filters from Caterpillar were designed for Cat and MaK engines and component systems; they guarantee maximum cleanliness and performance. This protection reduces wear and ensures maximum component life. Ensuring a long service life for your engine.

Cat coolant

Coolant from Caterpillar ensures a longer operating life and gives the engine excellent protection against boiling and freezing. Cat ELC (Extended Life Coolant) acts more than three times longer than other coolants, thus ensuring optimum protection for components. Thus, with your engine running three times longer than with a conventional coolant, you reduce the need to replace and effectively save resources and operating costs.

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