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Container Solutions

Standby power systems and uninterrupted power supply systems, CHP plants and Marine LNG systems as containerized solutions: we offer matching power components (backup and UPS) as ready-to-use, containerized solutions.

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Container solutions for power supply


The generated power energy can be supplied directly from the backup power unit to non-critical consumers such as motors, pumps, emergency lighting and air conditioning. Some of the energy can be supplied to critical consumers, such as data Centers, telecommunications and satellites, for which supply failures must be avoided. You can choose how much energy you need for the application in line with your needs.


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Container Solutions for CHP plants

We offer CHP plants as turnkey systems fully containerized. Please find more information on CHP plants here



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LNG Container for Marine Applications

Get in touch if you are .planning to implement a reliable, efficient and robust LNG system, consider contacting us.
More information on our LNG Solutions




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The design places particular emphasis on reliability, flexibility, ease of use and lasting value for any deployment location. Our engineering department equips the containers with all necessary components individually to meet your requirements.

The container is configurated ready-to-use at our Achim site. On request we install and commission the units and take care of maintenance and service.

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Container Solutions