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LNG Solutions

LNG systems: Configuration, Engineering and Services
  • LNG solutions for marine applications
  • LNG integration


LNG solutions for marine applications

Zeppelin Power Systems offers its customers reliable sales and service for marine applications including LNG system configuration, engineering and service.

SOx and NOx reduction become one of the most important features for the marine industry in the near future. Ship builders and owners have to ensure, that their vessel meets all future legislative requirements to stay in operation.

The Cat® LNG engines reduce SOx emissions by 99%, NOx emissions by up to 80%, and CO2 by about 15%.

Therefore, as soon as you are planning to implement a reliable, efficient and robust LNG system, consider contacting us.

LNG integration by Zeppelin Power Systems

We are your system integrator for new builds or retro-fit projects; offering all from main and auxiliary engines, to propellers, thrusters, SCR systems to LNG system integration.