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Digital Solutions

Zeppelin Active Equipment Connect (AEC): Full overview of your machines and systems

The AEC includes Zeppelin software and hardware developments that give you a full view of your machines and systems. Connect your machines, fleets or systems profitably and optimize your operational processes - we will be happy to assess with you the possibilities and develop the optimal system for you with you.
Our solutions are successfully installed by customers from the rail transport, inland waterway shipping and various industrial applications, such as CHPs or construction site vehicles. Whether you want to read out and monitor your data yourself, or whether you commission this through us - we are your partner for digital connection and optimization of your application.


AEC.VIEW - The Zeppelin web portal


With the AEC.view web portal from Zeppelin Power Systems, you can keep an eye on your machines and systems at all times. All required data such as locations, engine data such as power, consumption, temperature, operating hours, and much more, are displayed in clear dashboards. We can also set up individual programming such as water levels or timetables for you on request. At the push of a button, you can generate detailed reports of your data as PDF.

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AEC. Link is the Zeppelin Power Systems hardware for reading out the data, with extensive options e.g. multi-engine systems and / or connection of peripherals.

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The hardware allows the readout of the pure motor data and is an inexpensive light version of the AEC.connect for simpler requirements.

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Zeppelin Fleet Operations Center: Monitoring your data around the clock