"The Perfect Mix"- with the patented container mixer CMQ from Zeppelin

The CMQ container mixer is a winner across the board: Its innovative mixing concept will definitely increase your process productivity many times over. While you will work much more efficiently, the mixer will deliver excellent mixing results without any deviations. Whether powder coatings, masterbatches, color concentrates or compounds - the CMQ is a big plus for your mixing processes. 


Clean as a whistle and fast as lightning


The combination of a flat mixing head and wing-profile tool cuts cleaning times by up to 80% compared to other container mixers on the market. This is because you can easily access all areas of the mixer without having to dismantle the mixing tool or any other parts.



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Your safe bet


Complete with ATEX certification, delivered with monitored grounding - our container mixers are just what you need when working with materials sensitive to dust. The CMQ goes beyond safety alone. That makes inerting no longer necessary for almost all applications. So you can focus on the essentials: best possible mixing results.



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Product change: fast and efficient

Fast cleaning ensures ultra-short downtimes and increases your productivity. At the same time you are absolutely flexible in terms of batch size, as you can use different containers and fillings as required.  


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Best possible mixing results guaranteed

The patented mixing tool guarantees excellent color strenghts through high dispersion. Because the wing-profile mixing tool with its winglets ensures fast and effective homogenization. This protects your products and reduces the temperature increase to a minimum: less than 2°C per minute.


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CMQ: a clean sweep

No dust, gases or vapors are emitted during the mixing process. This ensures a clean mixing environment while at the same time protecting the plant staff.


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Applications Container Mixer

Powder coatings

Color concentrates



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