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Rubber and tire industry

Knowledge pays off

In the rubber and tire plants sector, Zeppelin relies on its own first-class technology. Having produced more than 500 plants, and with a list of references that features every major company in the industry, its position in the sector speaks for itself.

Business success for companies in the rubber and tire industry depends on a precise mix of raw materials, as well as reliable and highly accurate feeding and dosing. The quality of the mixture plays a decisive role, and mastering that task requires specialized technologies, expertise and, above all, experience.

From raw material intake, storage and conveying technology, through the weighing and dosing of carbon black, silica, oils, other additives and small components, to turnkey blending silos, Zeppelin offers complete systems from a single source.

Liquid additive

Liquid additive
Safe, clean and precise dosing of liquids – fully automatically. The use of closed systems ensures the process is secure; additions can be made at any time.


Zeppelin plants help to close the recycling loop and achieve high levels of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Carbon black and silica

Carbon black and silica
Zeppelin plants help ensure gentle, safe conveying of raw materials for rubber compounds.

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Tire industry
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Tire industry

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