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Engineering Sustainable Solutions

We create solutions exactly to your needs to ensure maximum productivity of the highest quality. Our leading materials handling technology and concepts have evolved from our vast Plant Engineering experience. We strive for sustainable solutions that meet the highest standards in terms of environmental and health protection. From upgrading an existing system to building a new plant, Zeppelin Systems provides optimal engineered solutions with ‘Green Ticks’ as standard.

This is what we present to you at the upcoming Tire Technology Expo. Get an overview of our main topics and experience the preview of our new Virtual World. Hall 21 I Booth 9000.

Plant solutions sustainable to the core

Whether you plan a greenfield, a brownfield project or modernize your existing plant - we offer you the plant concept that is customized for you. We support you as early as possible in the project to keep your investment costs as low as possible. We consult you in our pre-engineering on building capacities and efficient production processes. At the same time, we are the right contact when it comes to sustainable technologies an



Deep know-how in materials handling

With over 70 years of experience in handling bulk materials, we know raw materials like no one else. From virgin to recycled materials up to liquids - we know how the raw materials behave in your plant and design your plant accordingly. The quality of your compound is always important to us. Therefore, our technologies ensure gentle conveying of the product to keep the fines content low. When it comes to dosing, we take it very seriously and offer solutions that feed your raw materials, whether liquid or solid, into the production process in exact quantities, such as our Liquid Dosing System.

Maximum process reliability with our automation and digital solutions

With the clever automation solution NAMiQ Sustainability you can collect and analyze the consumption data of your entire plant or each single component. Additionally, the automation solution NAMiQ offers different products that support you to maximize your productivity, e.g. NAMiQ Analytics or NAMiQ Recipe.



Recycle tires sustainably

You can shred, granulate or grind car tires as well as crush truck tires, mining tires and giant tires by mechanical shredding processes or using Water Jet Technology. Micronized rubber can be reactivated by a reclaim processing. You can recover the original tire materials through pyrolysis processes; refine recycled carbon black by a purification process and reach a purity of 98% for re-use in your tire production. We have the right consulting services and technical solutions.

Maximum efficiency through innovative services

With our service offerings, we support you and your plant throughout its entire life cycle. For Tire Technology we offer special promotions - from attractive service packages and improvements to your plant's conveying systems to wall thickness measurement, which not only supports sustainable production but also reduces your operating costs.



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Don´miss the speach at 18. May at 15:15 from Guido Veit, Vice president - sales projects.



Maximum efficiency through innovative Services - Produce tires more sustainaably and more economical


Maximale Effizienz durch innovative Services - Produzieren Sie Reifen nachhaltiger und wirtschaftlicher!