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Carbon black and silica
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Carbon black and silica


Zeppelin plants help ensure gentle, safe conveying of raw materials for rubber compounds.

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Carbon black and silica

Consistently good performance

Zeppelin enjoys an excellent reputation globally in the rubber industry, built on renowned technical innovations. These include its patented slow-motion conveyance process for carbon black beads and silica, which is considered a trailblazing development within the industry.

To ensure the complete absence of dust within the plant and its environment, the powdered raw material must be pneumatically conveyed in hermetically sealed systems; at the same time, when transporting sensitive products such as carbon black and silica, it is vital to ensure that the conveying speed is as low as possible.

Carbon black and silica in a range of qualities are used in modern rubber compounds. Taking into account the different properties and flow characteristics of these raw materials, the conveyor system must always function in a safe, dust-free manner and offer consistent performance. Our patented conveying processes guarantee gentle, safe conveying at all times.