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Cleaning systems (polyolefin)
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Cleaning systems (polyolefin)


Maximum product quality is plannable – we have the ideal planning template for every product and the perfect solution for every challenge.

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Cleaning systems (polyolefin)

It depends what you make

All relevant parameters necessary to select the right system – and in doing so achieve the required product quality – must be taken into account right from the initial planning phase.

Dust particles, streamers and angel hairs develop during the pneumatic conveying of polymers, and must be removed before the packing or loading of the finished product.

Zeppelin offers a comprehensive range of cleaning possibilities for this purpose, including direct integration into a pneumatic conveyor system, and gravimetric solutions such as product-cleaning being completed underneath the storage silo by means of a downpipe separator, or a drum screen which is particularly suitable for bird’s nest formations and long streamers.

Maximum product quality during continuous operation

The variety of plastics available and the market requirements in place necessitate the right solutions for ensuring product purity – solutions we can offer you thanks to our years of experience in this area.