CMQ container mixer
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CMQ container mixer


Unique mixing principle for intensive homogenization of the complete product, featuring low energy consumption, very good dispersal and fastest possible cleaning.

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CMQ container mixer

The innovative design of the CMQ container mixer eliminates the curved shape of the mixing head. The combination of a flat mixing head with a wing profile tool means high lifting force, minimal turbulence and low mixture resistance. The result is fast, effective homogenization and excellent coloring power for the mixed material.

The CMQ container mixer supplements the excellent properties of the CMS version, particularly in respect of mixtures with a high level of pigment – and is even easier to clean.

Special features

  • Optimal operating parameters, with speed regulation for mixing tools and container swiveling, ensure the production of high-quality mixed formulations with high added value.
  • Increased productivity through minimal cleaning effort, no need for obstructive guide rails on the floor, and low levels of machine downtime.
  • The wing profile tool does not generate any pressure towards the base of the container, meaning no build-up occurs there.
  • The CMQ is notable for its low power usage, significantly reduced wear on the tool, easy maintenance, easy operation via user-friendly interface, and long service life.
  • A mixing head de-dusting system connected to a central aspiration system minimizes dust pollution and thereby supports a clean workplace.
  • A range of container systems tailored to the plant design is possible, to suit transport methods including manual, stacker-based, or via crane and automatic container transport, thereby easing integration into a plant.
  • Energy consumption is minimized through the use of a frequency-controlled energy-saving motor and the elimination of compressed air processing.
  • The installation and cleaning of the entire machine area is significantly easier.

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