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Our continuous dough mixing and kneading system (CODOS®) ensures consistent dough quality at all times, which also results in increased efficiency and reduced power consumption.

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The CODOS® system (continuous mixing and kneading system) encompasses a mixing and kneading unit, which also includes liquid dosing components and can be combined with a Zeppelin process control system. It is used mainly in the food industry, where the system can be used to produce various doughs (including fine dough), cereals and muesli products, as well as product processing for dry ingredients (such as sugar).

Mixing occurs reliably and without lump formation. The CODOS® modular system configuration makes it possible to quickly switch between recipes. The system is open, meaning that individual ingredients can be added via various integrated feeding points.

It offers process flexibility in terms of controlling the addition of individual ingredients; so for instance sensitive raw materials such as fruit pieces can be introduced at the end of the process, so they are incorporated with virtually no damage. Thanks to a double-walled supporting structure, which can be both heated and cooled, the dough can be kept constantly at the desired temperature.

The system is easy to clean, low-maintenance and wear-resistant, and it allows for direct product quality control and higher productivity. Any customer interested in using CODOS® can test the system in advance using our simulation software or in our Technology Center.

The new-generation CODOS® NT has been improved in every area that it was possible to achieve even higher capacity and better efficiency for the user.

New features – unbeatably better 

  • No more external fans
  • Position and alignment of the transmission and motor block amended; centered and rotated 90°
  • Latest generation of electric servomotor drive technology for optimized control
  • Motor and transmission reduced in size and weight
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Further options for evaluation of data from the new drive and load cells (optional)
  • System integration: Switch cabinet with converter and CPU, two independent cooling cycles for actuator and trough
Available in 3 sizes from the end of 2019.