HMF horizontal mixer
HMF horizontal mixer

HMF horizontal mixer


This mixer, featuring a single-walled container and universal tool configuration combined with a corresponding drive design, ensures a very high filling range.

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HMF horizontal mixer


Special features

  • Excellent mixing quality achieved through the homogenization of a wide range of mixing materials in the area of food processing (even where there are significant variations in grain size and bulk density)
  • Temperature control of mixed goods (heating or cooling) by means of temperature transfer using optimized heat exchangers for high product throughput. (optional)
  • High productivity thanks to short mixing times and minimal non-productive time for filling and discharge
  • High flexibility and mixing quality due to individually configurable mixing tools that enhance processing and are self-cleaning 
  • Increased productivity through maintenance-free operation and minimal machine downtime
  • Short cleaning times thanks to welded mixing tools and polished surfaces, as well as low-residue emptying.
  • Liquids and viscous additives are incorporated without agglomerations forming, thanks to a process-aligned chopper (optional).
  • FDA-approved components (optional)