Manual weighing station
Manual weighing station

Manual weighing station


Our manual weighing stations are characterized by functional, time-saving extra features, such as the display of photos and videos. Manual weighing is an integral component of a fully automatic process.

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Manual weighing station

Our manual weighing stations (MIRA Scale) make it possible to manually pre-weigh raw materials and to integrate this process into the plant’s central process control. This is particularly useful for dealing with raw materials used in smaller quantities, such as spice mixes or color pigments. The measured weights are digitized and collated with the data from the main process,

meaning that weighing operations can be managed, documented and traced: The way that the data is recorded (output in XML format) allows the information to be implemented in any IT environment. The MIRA Scale keeps weighing and batch records, displays production plans, and includes an integrated formula input function that facilitates formulation-based working.

These features also mean the MIRA Scale can be used in various plant configurations: As a standalone individual station or networked to a central data pool via ethernet. This capacity for autonomous operation makes the Zeppelin MIRA Scale suitable for use in laboratories, not only for product and quality assurance, but also in the development of new formulations in the food, pharmaceutical and plastics industries.

It is possible to save associated files – such as work instructions and images – for every formula and component, and these can then be displayed on the multi-touch display during the weighing process; this same display screen is used to operate the MIRA Scale. The MIRA Scale can also optionally be equipped with a barcode reader and scanner.

The MIRA Scale is installed directly in the production plant and can be integrated into the Zeppelin Batch Management System, which records actual weighed values and links them with the data from the main process. The MIRA Scale is an open system, with data accessible online, which can be integrated into virtually all control systems.