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Mixing technology
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Mixing technology


In accordance with the requirements of your recipe, we will propose the mixing technology that is best attuned to your project.

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Mixing technology


Mechanical mixers are generally equipped with mixing tools. Mechanical mixers are usually all-purpose machines that cover a broad area of application and are used across very diverse branches of industry. With optional features on offer for each Zeppelin mixer, customization to suit the customer’s production requirements is easily achieved.

Henschel mixers® have been setting standards in mixing technology for decades. Our expertise never fails to impress in the areas of plastics, additives, paints, varnishes, pigments, toner, and food, as well as plastic, ceramic, mineral and metal compounds. We know what counts, and we are experts when it comes the mixing process and the handling of sensitive products. We offer solutions for the mixing task itself, as well as for the process, the handling and the processing.

Zeppelin can also offer you an extensive range of blending and homogenizing silos, for use either as new mixers or to upgrade existing silos. Our recommendation to you is always founded on the properties and required mixing quality of the product.

These blending- and homogenizing silos are suitable for free-flowing or poorly flowing bulk material such as powder, pellets, recyclate, dry blends and compounds.