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Paddle mixer
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Paddle mixer


This mixer is used for blends that need very fast mixing with high energy input, to enable agglomerations to be broken down by the paddles.

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Paddle mixer

Design features

The paddle mixer is an upright cylindrical mixing vessel with a conical outlet, at the center of which there is an agitator shaft, with welded paddles positioned close to the wall. The shaft is driven by a gear motor, and because it is only mounted at the top, there is no need for shaft-sealing rings that could come into contact with the product. The vessel can be equipped with supporting brackets for installation into a frame. The interior can be inspected or cleaned via an inspection and maintenance door located on the cover at the top, which is secured by means of a safety limit switch. Connecting nozzles for gravimetric or pneumatic filling can be found in the cover. The product is discharged fully via the conical outlet, with a connecting flange for various downstream units.

The paddle mixer runs at high speeds so that the product is transported to the top by the upward-facing interlocking paddles, and then propelled into the free space above the product’s surface. At the same time, the product in the center of the mixer moves downwards, is collected by the paddles at various points, and then combined into the upward-moving product flow. This results in the highly intensive, rapid mixing of ingredients. The mixer can also mix in small ingredients quickly, safely and reliably. The speed is reduced during filling and emptying.