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Processing technology
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Processing technology


Would you like to homogenize or degas your bulk material while it is still in silos? We have outstanding expertise when it comes to refining your product.

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Processing technology

Zeppelin offers an extensive range of blending and homogenizing silos, for use either as new mixing facilities or to upgrade existing silos. Our recommendation to you is always founded on the properties and required mixing quality of the product. We supply a variety of blending silos, which are an ideal choice for free-flowing or poorly flowing bulk material such as powder, pellets, recyclate, dry blends and compounds.

We don’t take chances with safety. All over the world, Zeppelin degassing silos and vessels are used for the safe degassing of volatile, flammable monomers from plastic pellets (LDPE).

A degassing system can also be used to remove odorants from recycling material, for example. If you require higher bulk material temperatures during the degassing or refinement of your product, our highly efficient bulk material heat exchanger is ideal.