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Screw Belt Mixer SBM/SBM-K
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Screw Belt Mixer SBM/SBM-K


Screw belt mixers SBM are suitable for dry materials with a bulk density of approx. 0,5 – 0.7 g/cm³, that should be gently mixed without introduction of energy.

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Screw Belt Mixer SBM/SBM-K

Design characteristics

The mixing hopper is made of stainless steel 1.4301. It is equipped with support brackets for use with standard load-cells or to mount in a support frame. A side mounted inspection opening (door) enables the inspection or cleaning of the inner area.

There is a discharge stud with connection flange in the bottom for the discharge of the mixer. The mixing tool, designed as a ribbon blender, has bearings only on the top. Therefore there are no sealing elements in the product mixing area. Flat-drive motor with reinforced bearings for the absobtion of the high axial and radial forces. Designed with an additional oil-drip plate and oil-leak indicator. In the event that both of the lower seal rings of the mixing shaft are leaking, the oil flows over the oil-drip plate into the collecting area of the flange and can be recognized by the oil-leak indicator. Thereby the introduction of the drive oil into the mixing area is reliably prevented.p>

The bottom scraper with a 45° angle and a clearance from the mixer bottom prevent a friction of the product against the mixer bottom.


The vertical mixing tool operates at a constant or variable rotational speed (option). This creates an upward-flow of the mix-product on the periphery of the hopper and a downward-flow in the center of the hopper. The mix-product is thereby mixed in three dimensions.