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Separator and separating technology
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Separator and separating technology


Filter systems directly from the system supplier mean you can be sure of top performance in terms of separation efficiency and economical operation.

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Separator and separating technology

With our filter systems – as with everything we do – the only thing we want is

to exceed the expectations of our customers. Whether you use our classic filter product portfolio or our jet ventilation filters, we ensure a sustainable supply of clean air. We understand how to do it, and we can do it for you. Just tell us your parameters and we will provide you with a suitable system.

Our fully automatic ventilation filters for vacuum and pressure operation are ideal for the continuous filtration of conveying air from pneumatically fed vessels and silos in continuous operation.

We also offer drum screens for the continuous removal of streamers (angel hairs) and bird’s nests from plastic pellets. Problems caused by the presence of streamers and bird nests in downstream or subsequent process steps can be prevented through the use of drum screens.

Rotary sifters are used mainly in the food and plastic processing industries for final screening under containers, or as an inline screening machine for pressure-sealed operation in pneumatic conveying pipes.

Our high-efficiency separators are used for cleaning plastic pellets by removing dust particles, streamers and angel hairs. This cleaning process ensures maximum product quality for the plastic pellets before packing or loading. Zeppelin offers different separator variations to ensure that you can enjoy the optimal solution for your requirements based on the application at hand.