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Sugar processing
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Sugar processing


Zeppelin processing concepts cover all forms of sugar and offer customized solutions to suit your needs.

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Sugar processing

Technology that gets more out of sugar

Zeppelin processing concepts encompass all forms of sugar, and offer customized solutions from storage and conveying, through sugar-grinding and recrystallization, to the filling of Big Bags.

Completely lump-free

Powdered sugar is produced through the milling of granulated sugar, by many companies in the industry. Lump formation is a known problem in this process, and one that can make further processing a challenge – for example in confectionery, where lumps disrupt the proper production of glazes and fillings. Starch and other products are often added to sugar to prevent these lumps forming;

however, we have developed a process that can be used to manufacture pure, lump-free sugar without adding any undesired additives. Our recrystallization process uses nothing but air, conditioned in terms of its temperature and humidity level. This regulated air acts in combination with the optimized movement of the agitator to eliminate the solid bridging that cause lumps to form. Pure sugar treated without additives in this way can also be stored in large silo units, discharged and processed with no formation of lumps.