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Zeppelin process
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Zeppelin process


Autonomous process execution fulfilled by in-house-developed software. Machine components combined with tailor-made automation solutions from a single source.

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Zeppelin process

Zeppelin’s intelligent process control ensures the autonomous completion of process engineering tasks, including through the application of information technology and computerized methods to control, regulate, optimize, monitor and implement processes. It is mainly applied in industrial settings in the petrochemicals, food and processing sectors. The flexible process control solution makes use of both equipment-based resources and the Zeppelin automation technology software on which the autonomous fulfillment of processes is based. Our process control facilitates optimal economic utilization and increased efficiency in production, capturing data that contributes to the simulation, evaluation and optimization of processes. Our integrated control and monitoring systems allow for easy handling and create transparency in operations, for example by enabling simple inspection and verification for auditing, as well as in the case of product recalls, when batch traceability is a key advantage. The automated processes that are built into the system generate savings in terms of both resources and energy: Product waste and associated reject costs are reduced, as are costs for personnel, raw materials and energy. Our process controls are developed in-house, specifically tailored to each customer plant and combined with our machine components. We also offer after-sales support as an additional service.