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Safe handling of Titanium dioxide


Effective protection of personnel and the environment while processing titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is one of the most popular white pigments. It is brighter than all previously known pigments and can both scatter and absorb UV rays. The substance is used primarily in paints, coatings, plastics and paper, but also for coloring in cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals or construction products. But titanium dioxide can cause cancer if the dust particles are inhaled, according to various German and French studies from 2010 to 2017. Since October 2021, an EU regulation classifies titanium dioxide as carcinogenic.

For processors, this means changing their production processes. In the future, dust particles must no longer be allowed to enter the working environment.

Zeppelin Systems technology ensures a dust-free material feeding …

As a global leader iin plant engineering, Zeppelin Systems offers solutions that guarantee safe handling of TiO2 and ensure dust-free material feeding and conveying in production. This applies to both material containers that are common for titanium dioxide - 25 kg bags and big bags.

For 25 kg bags, contamination-free material feeding is ensured by glove boxes and a connected aspiration with jet filter. Big bags are connected to the discharge station via their nozzle to form a seal. Here, too, aspiration when emptying the big bag into the feed hopper should ensure that no hazardous substances escape.

... as well as for conveying and dosing

For pneumatic conveying of toxic products, Zeppelin Systems recommends vacuum operation by suction blowers to prevent any cross-mixing. Alternatively, a pressure blower can be used - a technique that is, however, significantly more difficult to handle. Beveled rotary valves and screw conveyors whose pitch is matched to the material properties of the raw materials ensure effective conveying and dosing.

Zeppelin Systems mixer technology sets standards

Thanks to their flexibility, Zeppelin Systems container mixers are ideal for processing titanium dioxide - above all the CMQ. This type is excellently suited above all for color applications with numerous product-related and high cleaning requirements due to many recipe changes. Here, the CMQ container mixer impresses with its cleaning-optimized design and extremely short cleaning time. Added to this are fast, effective homogenization, very good dispersion and an innovative, new sealing system that reliably extracts the toxic dust that is inevitably generated during mixing.

Would you like to learn in detail how Zeppelin Systems protects people and the environment when it comes to titanium dioxide? Then use the button below to request the whitepaper.



Bag feed station for toxic products with glovebox, jet fi lter, fresh air supply as well as aeration hopper as pneumatic discharge device and pipelines with sliders for connection to the central aspiration.


Rotary feeder with feed shoe and leakage air collector for material dosing into the  pneumatic conveying system.


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