Stays cool - for top products

The higher the mixing, the better: Zeppelin heating-cooling mixers create an intensive mixing effect - the basis for high-quality products. And through effective aspiration, they ensure perfect dehumidification of the mixed material for optimum further processing. Everything for excellent product quality

Your advantages

  • Reproducible product quality - no rejects
  • Excellent mixing quality due to high degree of dispersion
  • Minimal heating of the mixing tools protects your products
  • Proven for more than 40 years in processes for dryblending, agglomerating, coating, drying, reacting, etc.
  • Energy saving due to extremely efficient mixing tools and drives with maximum efficiency

Heating/Cooling Mixer Combination Type M/K – MTI Flex®-line


For 40 years the proven standard to meet the highest requirements on mixing quality also for demanding tasks relating to dry blending, compounding, coating etc.