Horizontal cooling/universal mixer

MTI Horizontal Cooling Mixer Type K


High-performance cooling mixers, not only for PVC applications. Customized configuration for optimum alignment to material properties and production conditions.

MTI Horizontal Universal Mixer Type H


More than just perfect mixing: Well-proven horizontal mixers for dispersing, granulating, heating/cooling and drying for virtually all applications and industries.

MTI Heating/Cooling Mixer Combination Type M/K – MTI Flex®-line


For 40 years the proven standard to meet the highest requirements on mixing quality also for demanding tasks relating to dry blending, compounding, coating etc.

MTI Heating/Cooling Mixer Combination Type M/K – MTI Eco®-line


Standardized heating/cooling mixer combinations with excellent throughput rates at an outstanding price. Uncompromising technology with very low operating costs.