Food industry


Our dough technology center is located in Rödermark. The center is home to all of our test systems for the metered measuring, conveying, weighing, sifting and mixing of recipes.

The Rödermark dough technology center gives us the ability to really engage specifically with customer needs. That is because, rather than installing a standard permanent plant in the two-story testing area, we have developed a modular system that facilitates a high level of flexibility.

Based on the testing setup required, we will assemble an customized system of dosing, conveying, weighing, screening or mixing processes, and can perform a wide range of analyses and measurements directly in the adjacent laboratory. The technology center has been designed to meet cutting-edge hygiene standards, and offers ideal conditions for the handling of liquid and powdered raw materials.

We can produce dough using your recipe and raw materials there, and bake them in order to test quality and flavor. Do you need to know how the chocolate flakes in your new recipe will behave during mixing? Would it be useful to find out what type of conveying will cause the least abrasion to one of your raw materials, or how you can ensure that your agglomerated ingredients remain intact? Our dough technology center in Rödermark can help you. It has all the necessary test systems for testing and analyzing the dosing, conveying, weighing, screening and mixing of your recipe.