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Food Technology Center for the food industry

The Food Technology Center in Rödermark was especially designed for the requirements for the food industry and offers ideal conditions for tests in handling liquid and powdery raw materials. With an area of over 300 m² and a height of 10 m, tests can be carried out not only on a laboratory scale but also with the real performance of the customers. Together with our technology centers in Friedrichshafen and Kassel, we are the largest association of technology centers in the world for handling high-quality bulk materials. While Friedrichshafen covers the area of plastics, chemicals and rubber, the Technology Center in Kassel specializes in the area of mixing and compounding.

From theory to practical tests

Would you like to know how the chocolate flakes in your new recipe react to the mixing process, what kind of conveying system causes the least abrasion on a specific raw material or how to  ensure that your agglomerates remain undamaged? Then come  to our Technology Center.

We provide you with all the required testing facilities for dosing, conveying, weighing, sifting and mixing your recipe. Our service staff and development engineers will provide you with assistance and advice. At our laboratory, we can evaluate your tests. Our meeting room with stateof-the-art office equipment allows us to analyze and discuss the results with you in a quiet atmosphere.




Customised test assembly possible

We are able to cater specifically to your needs. Our two-story test site is not equipped with a permanently installed standard system, but with a self-developed modular system, which ensures a high degree of flexibility. Depending on the respective test assembly, we construct a tailor-made system for you for the processes of filling, conveying, dosing and mixing. At the adjacent laboratory, we can directly carry out various analysis and measurements. The Technology Center was designed in accordance with the latest hygiene standards for food technology and offers ideal conditions for tests regarding the handling of liquid and powdered raw materials.


Gentle conveying

Gentle conveying of products is extremely important for achieving optimum results. Our Technology Center provides various conveying systems for transporting abrasive or easily breakable bulk materials, such as agglomerates:

  • Secondary air conveying  DN 65 – 125/80 – 320 m 
  • Bullet conveying pressure-/vacuum  DN 65 – 110/80 – 240 
  • Dilute phase conveying  DN 65 – 110/80 – 240 m pressure-/vacuum



Extensive analysis options

At our technology center laboratory, we can carry out various examinations and analysis before, during and after your tests. We have suitable systems for measuring the viscosity of liquids. Furthermore, we can determine the water activity (AWvalue) of products in order to fi nd out more about the absorption or output of moisture. This value is used at a later point in time to select the appropriate air processing systems, e.g. for pneumatic conveying.

Other bulk parameters, such as density or grain size distribution, can also be determined. We can examine grain or agglomerate properties and abrasion under the stereoscopic microscope and the connected electric imaging system


Reliable sifting

There are eddy current sifters and a vibration sifter for protective sifting and classification.



PneumoTherm ensures that the raw materials we test for you have the optimum temperature. In addition to heating and cooling, the fl uidized bed system is also suited for drying fl uidizable bulk materials. In this way, we are able to determine the infl uence of temperature and dampness on the product behaviour in plants and produce optimum product properties.


Exact metering

A metering station with dosing container for dust-free docking and fi lling of batches ranging from only a few grams to 1,000 kg allows you to meter your recipe exactly. There are metering and conveying screws and rotary feeders with direct drives, which meet strict hygiene requirements, for the metering and conveying of bulk materials as well as the precise fi lling of scales. Vibro chutes or discharge and metering devices from Kokeisl for the safe discharge of bulk materials with problematic fl ow properties are also used. The discharge speed can be adjusted by means of a continuously variable slide in order to achieve optimum metering results.


Get an impression in advance


We are there for you

Our technicans are there for you throughout the entire test series. They install the testing plant according to your requirements, make modifi cations if necessary, and support your project from beginning to end. On request, you can speak to our competent development engineers, who will be glad to help you with your test

Please contact us, we are looking forward to your call!