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Zeppelin Group publishes 2021 Sustainability Report


The third report on sustainability has recently been published, and in it Zeppelin provides detailed information on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and developments since the last report published in 2021. It focuses on the progress made in achieving goals within the action areas defined as essential.

Zeppelin made sustainability a focus of its strategy again in 2021. A comprehensive investment program has been adopted with a view to the company becoming carbon-neutral in ongoing business operations by 2030, as well as significantly reducing waste volumes and water consumption. In addition, the company also invested in many sustainability and socially focused projects in 2021, consolidating topics such as inclusion, equality and diversity within the workforce and clarifying operational regulations with regard to compliance, data protection and supplier management.

“We attach great importance to the economical and responsible use of our resources in order to make an active and beneficial contribution to our society, economy, climate and the environment. That’s why we will continue to consistently pursue and drive forward our sustainability goals in the following years,” explains Christian Dummler, CFO and Group Managing Director responsible for the CSR department.

The Zeppelin Group’s Sustainability Report, which is also the UN Global Compact Progress Report for 2021, can be downloaded from the website in both German and English (please scroll down). Zeppelin reports once a year on its commitment to CSR as part of a sustainability report. The reporting period corresponds to the calendar year.

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