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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion



Diversity increases our innovative ability and ensures the success of the company

We at Zeppelin are divers. We differ in appearance, have different habits, life plans, competencies and experiences. WE ARE COLOURFUL!

A colourful mix of diverse personalities helps us to reflect better, act more creatively and take smarter decisions. And this is how we ensure our long-term success. The appreciation of diversity and equal opportunities is at the heart of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiative at Zeppelin.

We are working specifically on a corporate culture that promotes tolerance and mutual respect and counteracts all forms of discrimination.

Zeppelin is a member of the Diversity Charter (, a German employer initiative to promote diversity in companies. By signing the Charter, we have made a voluntary commitment to specifically promote diversity and appreciation at Zeppelin.

There are a variety of activities and initiatives around diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion at Zeppelin.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion go hand in hand at Zeppelin: Only the interaction of a high diversity of experiences and perspectives leads to new approaches, open thinking processes and sustainable solutions.

Alexandra Mebus, Managing Director and CHRO

We are committed

  • Charta der Vielfalt, to advocate for a prejudice-free work environment
  • Employers for Equality, to stand up for more equal rights
  • Spitzenfrauen Baden-Württemberg, to encourage women to pursue their own careers
  • audit berufundfamilie, to align us even more family and life-phase-consciously
  • herCareer, to attract new talent as an exhibitor and speaker at the career fair

Diversity brought to life

Our networks and actions offer tangible support at different stages of life and thrive on the commitment of all employees:

  • Diversity ambassadors, who are visionaries, listeners and multipliers
  • Z FIT, the health initiative with a diverse range of offers and action weeks, including (online) yoga and moving breaks.
  • Z NOW, as a network and exchange platform for women and interested persons
  • Z PARENTS, a network for (expectant) parents and interested parties
  • PROUD, our LGBTQIA+ network stands for diversity in gender, sexuality and orientation

Broadening the perspective and build up knowledge

  • Annual Diversity Day in May as well as digital and analog diversity lectures throughout the year
  • Internal Z COLOURFUL newsletter to keep up to date on all initiatives and events
  • Diversity surveys to show the diversity at Zeppelin
  • Unconscious Bias trainings to uncover own conscious and unconscious biases and expand knowledge on E- and Linkedin Learnings
  • Participate in the Reverse Mentoring Program to benefit from an intergenerational exchange of experience and knowledge

Our offerings seek to provide the best possible support to individuals in a wide variety of life situations, including:

  • famPlus, an external advisory service on care, childcare and psychosocial health
  • A summer holiday care service at some facilities
  • Discounted bicycle leasing through Company Bike
  • A comprehensive online portal with benefits offered by a wide range of companies (corporate benefits)