Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board, constituted in accordance with Article 7 of the German Codetermination Act (Mitbestimmungsgesetz), comprises the following members:

Shareholder Representatives

Andreas Brand

Chairman, Mayor of the City of Friedrichshafen

Dr. Reinhold Festge


Dr. Werner Pöhlmann

Lawyer, Tax Adviser, Certified Public Accountant

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. e. h. Dr. h. c. Dieter Spath

Head of the Institute for Human Factors, Ergonomics and Work Technologies (Institut für Arbeitswissenschaft und -technologien at the University of Stuttgart, Head of the Institute of Industrial Engineering (Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation) at the Fraunhofer Institut Stuttgart, President of acatech, National Academy of Science and Engineering

Dr. Kristin Neumann

CFO and Labour Director LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG (LSG Holding) (from 1 Aug 2021)

Prof. Dr. Yasmin Mei-Yee Weiß

Professor at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology Georg Simon Ohm, Member of the Advisory Board on External Economic Relations, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Member of the Advisory Council, BLG Logistics Group

Employee Representatives

Heribert Hierholzer

Vice Chairman, Production Foreman and Chairman of the General Employee Council of Zeppelin Systems GmbH

Thomas Mann

HR-Manager, Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH

Carolin Winkel

Head of Corporate Development and CSR, Zeppelin Rental GmbH, Management Representative (from 1 Aug 2021)

Marita Weber

1st Authorized Representative of the IG Metall Trade Union Offenbach

Ralph Misselwitz

Senior Field Service Representative, Chairman of the General Employee Council of Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH, Chairman of the Group Employee Council

Frederic Striegler

2nd Authorized Representative of the Friedrichshafen/Upper Swabia Chapter of the IG Metall Trade Union • since August 1, 2020