Z Lab

Digitization in the construction industry

The purpose of the Z Lab business unit is to revolutionize the construction industry through digital innovation. To do so, Z Lab combines the sector expertise of Zeppelin Group with the digital expertise of nonsector start-up heads in Berlin. In an agile environment, we work on innovative solutions for new and existing construction industry customers to design a more efficient construction site of the future, better networked and with a greater degree of automation. The main focus is on business customers and their current and future challenges. The first result to emerge from Z Lab is Zeppelin Lab GmbH with the Klickrent platform. Klickrent is a cross-manufacturer platform that enables construction equipment to be shared, hired, and lent. This means that existing and new customers of Zeppelin Group have the option not only to buy or hire construction site equipment but also to share with other market players and therefore to better utilize their own equipment.

We develop innovative business models for the construction, logistics and infrastructure sectors to meet customers’ current and future needs, even more fully and with digital solutions.

Wolfgang Hahnenberg, Head of the Z Lab Strategic Business Unit

Z Lab in figures 2017


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