Zeppelin Digit

Digitization in the construction industry

Zeppelin Digit, a Strategic Management Center, bundles Zeppelin Group’s expertise in the fields of IT, data, infrastructure, security & compliance. It aims at advancing digital transformation both for the Group and its customers. Zeppelin Digit is headed by Chief Digital Officer Wolfgang Hahnenberg.


Zeppelin Digit’s team of experts develops innovative products and services for all strategic business units of Zeppelin Group. Jointly, Zeppelin Digit and the strategic business units work on solutions which make Zeppelin a digital market leader in the respective industry.  


Zeppelin Lab GmbH (Z Lab) belongs to Zeppelin Digit from an organizational point of view, but acts autonomously and independently. As an open innovation hub und incubator in Berlin, Z LAB develops digital, manufacturer-independent solutions. The overall goal is - through cooperation and partnerships with the entire construction industry, with associations and research institutions as well as with investors and start-ups – to actively shape and sustainably change the future in the fields of construction, logistics and infrastructure


We develop innovative business models for the construction, logistics and infrastructure sectors to meet customers’ current and future needs, even more fully and with digital solutions.

Wolfgang Hahnenberg, Head of the Strategic Management Center Zeppelin Digit

Zeppelin Digit in figures 2020