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30.07.2021, Friedrichshafen / Garching near Munich

Zeppelin Group appoints two new Supervisory Board members

Long-serving members Roswita Feineis and Prof. Horst Wildemann retire from the committee  

Friedrichshafen / Garching bei München, July 30, 2021. Prof. Dr. Horst Wildemann, Shareholder Representative, and Roswita Feineis, Employee Representative, are retiring from the Supervisory Board of Zeppelin GmbH on July 30, 2021. Dr. Kristin Neumann has been appointed as successor for the employer side by the shareholders and the Board of Trustees of the Zeppelin Foundation, and Carolin Winkel has been elected as the representative of senior managers.  

The Supervisory Board and the Group Management Board of Zeppelin GmbH bade farewell to Prof. Dr. Horst Wildemann and Ms. Roswita Feineis at its meeting of July 30, 2021, thanking them for their many years of dedicated work. At the same time, Dr. Kristin Neumann and Carolin Winkel were welcomed as new members of the Supervisory Board at the meeting.

“With the departure of Professor Wildemann, the Supervisory Board of Zeppelin GmbH is saying its goodbyes to a well-connected expert in the industry, as well as an excellent engineer and business economist. For decades he has supported and advised the entire Zeppelin management team with foresight in the course of far-reaching innovation and growth initiatives. We greatly appreciate that we have been able to benefit from his in-depth knowledge as the holder of a leading academic chair of business administration, and regret that Professor Wildemann is now taking his turn to retire. We also regret that Ms. Roswita Feineis, who helped shape the work of the Supervisory Board over a decade, will be leaving the board at the end of her term. As a representative of senior management, Ms. Feineis has very constructively and with great commitment contributed her opinions and perspectives in numerous dialogs and discussions. I would like to personally thank Mr. Wildemann and Ms. Feineis on behalf of the Zeppelin Foundation and Zeppelin Group for their consistently fair and valuable collaboration on this committee,” commented Andreas Brand, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Zeppelin GmbH and Mayor of Friedrichshafen, on the departure of the two members of the Supervisory Board.

He added: “We are also pleased that with the appointment of Dr. Kirstin Neumann and the election of Ms. Carolin Winkel, we will be welcoming two highly qualified successors to the vacated Supervisory Board seats. I’m certain that with their diverse commercial and entrepreneurial knowledge and experience, they will successfully shape the future of the Zeppelin Group. I am particularly pleased that with these appointments we are continuing along our path of increasing the number of female leaders in the Zeppelin Group. I wish both of them a good start and lots of success in their new roles.”

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Horst Wildemann helped shape the work of the Supervisory Board at Zeppelin for almost three decades. In January 1995, engineering graduate Wildemann assumed a seat on the newly founded Supervisory Board of Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH. He continued his work there until January 2008, when the Supervisory Board was converted into a third-parity Supervisory Board. In May 2006, he was also appointed to the Supervisory Board of Zeppelin GmbH (management holding company).

Roswita Feineis, who graduated in business administration, joined Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH in September 1998 as an HR clerk. After a brief interruption, she was appointed Head of Human Resources for Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH and Zeppelin GmbH from October 2004. On January 1, 2009, she became a member of the Management Board of Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH, and in May 2011 was elected to represent the interests of senior managers on the Supervisory Board of Zeppelin Group.

Dr. Kristin Neumann has been working for LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG (LSG holding company) as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since July 2014 and has also held the position of Labor Director since October 2014. After completing her apprenticeship at Deutsche Bank and a degree in Economics at Georg August University in Göttingen, where she also pursued her doctorate in Business Administration, she held various positions at Thomas Cook between 2000 and 2014, and joined the Management Board in 2010.

Carolin Winkel has been working since July 2016 for Zeppelin Rental GmbH, where she heads the Corporate Development & CSR department. She studied business administration, holds an MBA, and since the start of her career in 2006 has gained experience in the areas of strategy, change management, leadership and digitalization for SMEs and in DAX companies. From 2011 to 2016, she worked as a consultant at Accenture.


The Zeppelin Group Supervisory Board is formed on the basis of parity in accordance with Section 7 of the German Co-Determination Act, and is composed of six Shareholder and six Employee Representatives.



Clockwise from top left: Kristin Neumann, Carolin Winkel, Roswita Feineis, Horst Wildemann

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23.07.2021, Friedrichshafen / Garching near Munich

Zeppelin Group donates to victims of flood disaster

Company transfers EUR 100,000 to aid organization - employees released for relief work 

The Zeppelin Group is supporting the victims of the current flood disaster in Germany with a donation of EUR 100,000. In addition, employees who are volunteering to help with the rescue and clean-up work will be given paid time off during their deployment. 

The Zeppelin Group supports non-profit and charitable organizations, especially in exceptional situations such as natural disasters.

"The current flood disaster in large parts of Germany is presenting people with unimagined challenges without any preparation. Our sympathy and thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones or their livelihoods. Our respect goes to the many helpers who put their own lives on the line to assist others in this difficult situation. For Zeppelin, it is a matter of course not only to support them with a financial contribution, but also to give paid time off to our employees who are volunteering on site. Only together can we get through this situation," says Alexandra Mebus, Labor Director of the Zeppelin Group.

In addition to Zeppelin's donation to the "Deutschland hilft" action alliance, the commitment of Zeppelin's manufacturing partner Caterpillar will also benefit the victims. Through the Caterpillar Foundation, the US company is supporting the International Red Cross, which is currently caring for victims of the flood disaster in Germany and Belgium.

Zeppelin grants paid leave of up to five working days to employees of the Zeppelin Group who are directly affected by the floods and to employees who support flood victims as volunteers. Employees who are involved in the flood disaster as voluntary helpers via public aid organizations such as the fire department or THW (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief) will also be granted paid time off for this period and, in individual cases, will receive up to five additional paid working days for recuperation purposes after the end of their deployment.

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23.06.2021, Garching near Munich

Zeppelin Group once again presented with award for work-life compatibility

The Group received the “berufundfamilie” (work and family) audit certificate, which recognizes particularly high standards in HR policy.

The Zeppelin Group has once again received the berufundfamilie audit, a quality seal, for its sustainable, family-friendly and life-phase-conscious HR policy. The audit is conducted under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. Alexandra Mebus, Zeppelin Group Labor Director and Managing Director, accepted the award on June 22 as part of a certificate online event. The re-audit includes Management Holding Zeppelin GmbH and the German companies of the Construction Equipment Central Europe, Rental, Power Systems, and Plant Engineering strategic business units, as well as the Zeppelin Digit strategic management center (including the company Z LAB). 

For years, the Zeppelin Group has been committed to providing its employees with an environment that enables them to balance their professional and private lives. Numerous initiatives and measures are offered, which range from the opportunity to work from home (in areas where this is possible) to consulting services for employees in difficult personal situations to health and sporting activities.

"I am pleased that we have now received the berufundfamilie audit certificate for the second time since 2018. The successful re-audit encourages us in our actions and initiatives. Particularly in the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to make offers to employees that take their living situation into account. This includes, for example, offerings in cooperation with the famPlus family service to support childcare and care of family members or in personal conflict situations. Group-wide company health management with health and fitness services is also included," says Alexandra Mebus about the certification.

The certificate, which is valid for three years and serves as a seal of quality for a company work/life compatibility policy, is awarded by the berufundfamilie Service GmbH board of trustees. Employers who receive the award must undergo an audit and dialogue procedure offered by the berufundfamilie. Zeppelin successfully underwent the re-audit process in 2021, which reviewed the current family-friendly measures already in place. The focus was on making the working environment even more flexible and developing the culture needed to achieve this.

As part of the re-audit, strategic goals, as well as specific measures were defined, which are stipulated in a target agreement. These must be implemented as required during the three-year certificate period. The practical implementation of the measures is checked on an annual basis by berufundfamilie Service GmbH.

"For us, the award is an incentive to continue on the path we have chosen and to respond to the needs of our employees. We plan to introduce further measures, such as analyzing and testing a framework for sought-after working time models and lifetime working time accounts. In addition, we will support our managers more intensively with new work topics (e.g. mobile working, digital and inclusive leadership). Furthermore, we have a diversity strategy with associated measures and regular campaigns as well as the task of raising awareness within the Group about family-compatible deadlines and availability times, on the agenda. We will implement all of this swiftly. Zeppelin’s motto is “We Create Solutions” and we create tailor-made solutions not only for our customers, but also for our employees," adds Alexandra Mebus.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the certificate presentation ceremony took place as part of an online event. The web-based event was dedicated to a total of 287 employers – 135 companies, 118 institutions and 34 universities – who had successfully completed the berufundfamilie (work and family) audit or familiengerechte hochschulschule (family-friendly university) audit in the previous twelve months.

When it comes to the best employers in Germany, the Zeppelin Group appears in the upper part of the list elsewhere too. In the independent ranking by the German magazine “Stern”, the Group was able to further improve its ranking in 2021 and is now in a strong position at number 83. The German financial newspaper “Handelsblatt” once again honored the Group as a "fair company.” You can find more information about these awards here.

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Caption: Alexandra Mebus, Labour Director and Peter Gerstmann, Chairman of the Management Board, Zeppelin Group, are proud of the certificate “auditberufundfamilie”.

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11.06.2021, Garching near Munich

Creditreform confirms Zeppelin Group’s "A" rating and raises the outlook to "stable"

Zeppelin GmbH's corporate issuer rating confirmed as A as part of mid-year monitoring

Friedrichshafen/Garching near Munich, June 11, 2021. The Zeppelin Group’s continued stable business development confirms the predominantly good market environment and successful crisis management, especially in light of the economic upheaval caused in part by the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of its mid-year monitoring, Creditreform Rating AG has therefore confirmed Zeppelin GmbH’s corporate issuer rating as A and has raised the outlook from “negative” to "stable".

Creditreform Rating AG has again given the Zeppelin Group an above-average A rating in 2021. In addition, it has raised the outlook from negative to stable. Key factors for this assessment are the continued solid financial situation and – despite economic burdens – solid sales and earnings development in the 2020 financial year, which has also continued in the first four months of the 2021 financial year. Compared to the same period in the previous year, Zeppelin was able to significantly increase its turnover as well as EBITDA and EBT. The order situation (order intake and order backlog) at the April 2021 reporting date was also higher than in the same period in the previous year. In addition, good cash flow led to a noticeable reduction in debt and a robust liquidity situation.

The package of measures that Zeppelin quickly took and successfully implemented in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic also had a positive impact.

Christian Dummler, Zeppelin GmbH CFO, is pleased with the good rating. "By raising the outlook to stable while maintaining an A rating, the rating agency adequately recognizes the excellent performance of all Zeppelin employees and the company’s business success during a pandemic. Creditreform's current assessment confirms our strategy and approach as well as our financial policy. We are proud that our market-leading position as a premium partner of Caterpillar, the diversified product and service portfolio, and the solid financial indicators have been rewarded in the rating classification."

Further information about the Zeppelin Group's economic situation can also be found in the press release for the publication of the 2020 Annual Report.

The reasons for Zeppelin GmbH's rating can be found on the Creditreform Rating AG website.

Creditreform Rating AG is one of the leading European rating agencies and is part of the global Creditreform Group, one of the largest providers of economic information in Europe.

Creditreform Rating AG specializes in the evaluation of credit risk and offers investors and lenders an extensive range of rating services and risk management solutions.

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07.05.2021, Friedrichshafen

Zeppelin Group combines innovative strength with social commitment

Internal ideas competition automatically triggers donations to charitable organizations

Friedrichshafen, May 7, 2021. Every year, the Zeppelin Group awards prizes for the best suggestions for improvement made by its employees – and combines these with its social commitment. In addition to those lucky individuals whose ideas were awarded prizes this year, we also made donations of 6,000 euros each to four different charitable organizations. The award ceremony took place on May 4, 2021 as part of a virtual live streaming from the Friedrichshafen trade fair.

The Zeppelin Group encourages its employees to develop their own ideas and contribute them to the company. In 2016, the company created an internal platform for idea management called Z IDEA, which enables the improvement of processes and the development of new ideas in a structured format. Rewards are given for each positively evaluated idea, and the Z IDEA Award is also presented annually to the best ideas worldwide. Around 500 ideas were received in 2020, 13 of which were honored during the event. 16 lucky winners from Germany, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Uzbekistan (some of the ideas were submitted by teams) celebrated their honors in various categories virtually in front of a computer screen.

As a foundation-owned company, it is second nature for Zeppelin to assume its social responsibility whenever the opportunity arises. For this reason, the Group has linked the internal ideas competition with a donation target from the very beginning.

Alexandra Mebus, the Zeppelin Group's Labor Director, said about the awards ceremony, "People at Zeppelin work tirelessly with great inventiveness to improve our processes and products, which in turn benefits our customers. At the same time, they are fully committed to charitable and non-profit causes. I am therefore particularly pleased that these good ideas also generate a high donation sum. This time, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Z IDEA Awards, we are able to support four nonprofit and charitable organizations."

Two organizations from Munich and two from Friedrichshafen were selected jointly by the Group Management Board and the Group Works Council. Important criteria included special COVID-19-support services for those in need. Representatives of Tafel Friedrichshafen e.V., Kinderstiftung Bodensee as well as Kältebus München and DIE ARCHE e.V. received the donations from the Group representatives in the form of a symbolic check for 6,000 euros each as part of the initial virtual celebrations.

Ralph Misselwitz, Chairman of the Zeppelin Group Works Council, explains how the total donation amount of 24,000 euros came about. "The ideas submitted are evaluated by our own Z IDEA experts. If they vote particularly quickly, i.e. within 30 days, a donation of 50 euros to a virtual donation pot is automatically triggered. Since we had to cancel the Z IDEA Award in 2020 due to the coronavirus, this year we can distribute the collected donations for the ideas evaluated in both 2019 and 2020."

Caption: Alexandra Mebus and Ralph Misselwitz are happy that Zeppelin made donations to four different charities on occasion of the Z IDEA Award 2021. 

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22.04.2021, Friedrichshafen / Garching near Munich

Zeppelin Group appoints Ralf Boschert as Managing Director and CFO of Zeppelin Systems GmbH

Friedrichshafen, April 22, 2021. The Zeppelin Group has appointed Ralf Boschert as Managing Director and CFO of Zeppelin Systems GmbH as of May 1, 2021, thus bolstering the Group company's management board headed by CEO Alexander Wassermann. Mr. Borschert has been working successfully for Zeppelin in various positions since 1997. 

The Supervisory Board of the Zeppelin Group appointed Ralf Boschert as Commercial Director of Zeppelin Systems GmbH at its meeting on March 25, 2021. He will thus join the management team led by Chairman Alexander Wassermann (CEO) and will in future be directly responsible for the management divisions Controlling, Tax and Accounting, Legal and Commercial Services as well as IT and Organization.

Alexander Wassermann, Head of the Plant Engineering strategic business unit and Chairman of the Management Board of Zeppelin Systems GmbH, welcomes the appointment: "I congratulate Ralf Boschert on his new position and am delighted that we were able to hire such an experienced person for the Zeppelin Systems GmbH management team. Mr. Boschert has been instrumental in shaping the Finance and Controlling divisions of Zeppelin Systems GmbH for more than two decades and has closely supported our development into an international plant engineering company. This makes him ideally suited and well-prepared for the new position."

"I am greatly looking forward to my new task and am pleased that I will be able to further develop the Plant Engineering division nationally and internationally in a managerial role. I would like to thank the Management and Supervisory Board for the trust they have placed in me," says Ralf Boschert about his appointment.

Ralf Boschert joined Zeppelin in 1997 after training as an industrial business management assistant and gaining a degree in business administration. Since then, he has held various positions in the companies of the Plant Engineering strategic business unit and has been involved in various acquisitions and important projects of the Zeppelin Group in plant engineering. 


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Photo: Ralf Boschert, © Zeppelin GmbH

01.04.2021, Garching near Munich

Zeppelin Group: Special Recognition for Employees during the Pandemic Year

Group will pay coronavirus bonus worldwide 

Despite the difficult circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Zeppelin Group weathered the 2020 fiscal year well and reported a solid result for 2020 at the end of March. The Group would now like to show its employees its appreciation for their tireless commitment under the difficult conditions of the pandemic. The Group Management Board, Supervisory Board and employee representatives have agreed on a payment of a one-time "coronavirus bonus" for the approximately 10,000 employees worldwide. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has already lasted more than a year and poses daily challenges to the Group's companies and their employees. Many measures, such as the necessary occupational health and safety and hygiene policies, allowing mobile work, and virtual collaboration, were quickly implemented throughout the entire Group.

"So far, we have dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic extremely well. This is mainly due to the Zeppelin employees around the world who have shown themselves to be very flexible and have worked tirelessly with a wealth of ideas for our customers in order to find suitable solutions for a wide variety of challenges. I am therefore delighted that we will be paying our employees a coronavirus bonus as a token of our appreciation for this accomplishment," commented Peter Gerstmann, Chairman of the Management Board of Zeppelin GmbH, on the decision.

"The Zeppelin employees worldwide have contributed through their great commitment and enormous efforts to Zeppelin's ability coping very well with the current situation. It was important to us to recognize these outstanding achievements. That is why we from the Supervisory Board were happy to endorse the payment of a Corona bonus," says Andreas Brand, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Lord Mayor of the City of Friedrichshafen.

"Our corporate culture and the solidarity of our colleagues make Zeppelin especially strong, even in crisis situations. We are delighted that, as employee representatives on the Supervisory Board, we were able to work together with the other members to help create this bonus as a sign of appreciation," added Heribert Hierholzer and Ralph Misselwitz, Employee Representatives on the Supervisory Board of Zeppelin GmbH.

The Zeppelin Group will pay all employees a corresponding appreciation bonus with their May salary, which will amount to EUR 600.00 for employees in full-time contracts in Germany and be calculated proportionately for part-time employees. Apprentices in Germany will receive a lump sum of EUR 200.00. The bonus will be adjusted according to the local purchasing power in the other countries and regions in which the company operates.

Information on the 2020 Annual Financial Statement for Zeppelin GmbH can be found in the press release dated March 26, 2021.

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26.03.2021, Garching near Munich

Zeppelin Group increases sales despite crisis and presents solid result

Group looks to the future with cautious optimism 

·        Group sales: EUR 3.3 billion

·        EBITDA: EUR 394 million

·        Group earnings before taxes on income and earnings: EUR 125 million

·        Workforce 10,170

·        All strategic business units contribute to the positive result

·        Given the challenging environment, Group management is very pleased with the performance in the 2020 financial year and is cautiously optimistic about the future 

Friedrichshafen / Garching near Munich, March 26, 2021. The Zeppelin Group closes the 2020 financial year with another increase in sales and earnings (EBITDA) and also presents very solid earnings before taxes. With Group sales of EUR 3.3 billion (previous year: EUR 3.1 billion), an EBITDA of EUR 394 million (previous year: EUR 376 million) and a net profit before tax of EUR 125 million (previous year: EUR 134 million), the Group once again was able to increase its sales and report a very attractive result despite pandemic-related pressure and integration expenses for acquisitions made in the previous year. Creditreform Rating AG rated the creditworthiness of the company above average in 2020, awarding it an "A" rating. The total investment volume for 2020 was EUR 203 million. The Zeppelin Group is cautiously optimistic for 2021 and expects steady growth in the relevant markets despite the unresolved COVID-19 pandemic.

"With the global COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has presented Zeppelin with major challenges. The experience we gained during the 2008/2009 financial crisis and the strategy we developed as a result are key reasons why Zeppelin has overcome the situation so well. Sales and earnings in 2020 prove that the Group is holding its ground in a difficult market environment and is a reliable key figure for customers and business partners," says Peter Gerstmann, Chairman of the Management Board of Zeppelin GmbH, commenting on the result. "More than anything, it is the people who make Zeppelin. We are proud of the commitment and tireless devotion of all Zeppelin employees in this difficult environment."

Christian Dummler, Managing Director and CFO of Zeppelin GmbH, adds: "Zeppelin reacted very quickly to the new situation and set up crisis management to ensure our range of services for our customers and to safeguard internal performance in the areas of HR, finance, IT services and infrastructure. The excellent collaboration between the crisis management teams, general management and employee representatives, as well as the Supervisory Board, has made the good results of the 2020 financial year possible. Creditreform Rating AG sees things the same way and in autumn 2020 gave the Zeppelin Group an above-average rating of "A" – the package of measures that we quickly implemented against the backdrop of the pandemic, as well as an adequate focus on the future and investments in the contemporary expansion of infrastructure and IT systems were positive factors in the assessment. We see this as confirmation that we are on the right path."

"Zeppelin can boast that all employees have taken on the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic together and implemented the necessary measures consistently and quickly. In 2020, our main focus was to secure our operational capacity as a company, protect our employees, and ensure the financial independence of our company. The 'We are Zeppelin' idea and exemplary corporate culture supported the Group through this difficult time," concludes Andreas Brand, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Zeppelin Group.

As a whole, the Zeppelin Group was affected by the pandemic in many ways. Temporary uncertainty in the markets, slow public procurement, and closed construction sites due to partial lockdown in some of the markets relevant to Zeppelin led to a noticeable drop in the market and sales of construction equipment. The cancellation of major events and the delayed award of contracts in motorway construction had a detrimental impact on the rental business, and the standstill in the cruise ships segment significantly impaired Zeppelin’s business with engines and propulsion units. In addition to COVID-19, the markets in Eastern Europe and Russia were heavily affected by sanctions and geopolitical tensions due to armed conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan, domestic conflicts in Belarus, and political interdependencies in Russia.

Plant Engineering suffered from the fact that, despite the high volume of projects, only minor awards were made due to the limited travel options.

The integration of the newly acquired distribution and service territories for Caterpillar products in Sweden, Denmark, and Greenland was in line with expectations and enabled the Group to grow its sales again despite the difficult environment. Adjusted for the sales growth arising from the acquisition of the previous year, sales actually fell by five percent due to the effects of the pandemic. Accordingly, net profit after tax was affected by the expenses for the integration of the new business and the actual decline in volume. Earnings (EBITDA) adjusted for depreciation rose again compared to the previous year and show the actual profitability of the Group in the crisis.

The decline in the markets temporarily required short-time work at various places in the Zeppelin Group. At a very early stage, the company took advantage of the possibilities offered by flexible working time models and allowed remote working as a solution to tackle the pandemic and activity stoppages.

Despite the adverse circumstances, Zeppelin has developed its business segments and expanded its range of temporary energy and climate solutions by acquiring the operations of Energyst Rental Solutions. The acquisition of parts of MTI Mischtechnik strengthens the range of solutions for mixing and processing high-quality bulk materials in the special chemicals segment.

Outlook for the 2021 financial year

The development of the global economy will depend to a large extent on the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic and regulations on global trade disputes and sanctions. Geopolitical tensions and volatile oil prices are also affecting some of Zeppelin's key markets. Nevertheless, Zeppelin is cautiously optimistic about the future and expects the regional businesses relevant to the Group to be stable and will benefit from the expected growth in commodity markets. Expected market stabilization will be supported by increased public investment in Central Europe and the continuation of state infrastructure projects in Russia and Ukraine. New growth opportunities are opening up with the introduction of a new generation of mobile excavators and material handlers by the manufacturing partner, Caterpillar. Zeppelin is also expecting growth stimulus from the positioning of products and services in the area of emergency power generators for data centers in the northern and eastern European markets.

The growth strategy launched in Scandinavia will continue in 2021 with, among other things, the expansion of financing solutions for customers, and the opening of new sites. The year will also see the operational integration of the newly acquired Energyst Rental Solutions and the integration of major parts of MTI Mischtechnik.

In terms of digitalization, Zeppelin continues to invest in the establishment of a global data infrastructure as an essential foundation for the further development of digital business models and platforms in order to align services and offers with future requirements. 

Key figures at a glance











Construction Equipment Central Europe SBU

EUR million




Construction Equipment Nordics SBU

EUR million




Construction Equipment Eurasia SBU

EUR million




Rental SBU

EUR million




Power Systems SBU

EUR million




Plant Engineering SBU

EUR million





Total for the Group [1]

EUR million




Employees (FTE as at December 31, including trainees for 2019, Zeppelin GmbH as well as 709 employees and 8 trainees from the acquisitions in Sweden and Denmark) 




Total for the Group [1]










Cash flow from operating activities [2]

EUR million





EUR million




EBITDA (Earnings before interest, tax,

depreciation and amortization)

EUR million





Net profit before tax

EUR million




SBU: Strategic business unit

All information adjusted in accordance with IFRS





[1] including Zeppelin GmbH and SMC Zeppelin Digit/Zeppelin Lab GmbH

[2] Cash flow from operating activities (IFRS); definition adjusted for 2020 and earlier

Caption: The Management Board of the Zeppelin Group (from left to right): Christian Dummler, Alexandra Mebus, Michael Heidemann, Peter Gerstmann (archive image). © Zeppelin GmbH


24.02.2021, Garching near Munich

The Zeppelin Group is once again among Germany's top employers

Group receives accolades from “Stern” and “Handelsblatt” 

The Zeppelin Group continues to be one of the best employers in Germany. In an independent ranking by the magazine “Stern,” the Group was able to further improve its position and in 2021 is at the front of the field in 83rd place. “Handelsblatt” once again honored the Group as a “Fair Company.” 

The Zeppelin Group is again one of the best employers in Germany in 2021. In a ranking by the magazine “Stern,” which was published in January 2021, the company was ranked 83 overall and is at the forefront of the best employers from a total of 650 rated companies. The “Handelsblatt,” initiator of the “Fair Company” rating, praises the company as doing a particularly good job of fulfilling the expectations and values of young people starting out in their careers and young professionals in terms of a fair and attractive employer.

Taking 8th place in the “Rail, Ship and Aircraft Construction” category and 9th place in the “Mechanical and Plant Engineering” category, Zeppelin was able to improve significantly, not only in the overall rating by “Stern” but also in the ranking by industry compared to 2020.

“We are delighted that we were able to significantly improve on our good position last year in the “Stern” rating. The “Fair Company” award also indicates that we are meeting the expectations and needs of our employees with our personnel measures and initiatives. We will naturally continue to work on providing our employees with the best possible environment. This is especially important under the difficult conditions caused by COVID-19. In addition to offering the option of working from home, at Zeppelin this also includes support when it comes to childcare or in difficult family situations, as well as sport and health offerings that can also be accessed digitally,” explains Alexandra Mebus, Labor Director and Managing Director of the Zeppelin Group.

For its ranking, which was prepared in cooperation with the market research institute Statista, “Stern” looked at companies with more than 500 employees and headquarters in Germany. The anonymous survey was conducted via online access panels, independent of the respondent’s employer. The questionnaire covered more than 50 topics including corporate culture, working environment and salary. The key question was whether the employees would recommend their respective employer to others. In 2021, the ranking was extended to 650 employers and the results divided into 24 industries. As a diversified company, the Zeppelin Group therefore appears in various categories.

The Zeppelin Group has been a member of the German employer initiative “Fair Company” since 2018. This is a long-term commitment to a fair working environment and is aimed specifically at young people starting out in their careers and young professionals. Companies that are included offer young people fair working conditions and development prospects. In accordance with the procedure in place since 2020, admission is subject to a positive assessment by the “Institut für Beschäftigung und Employability” (Institute for Employment and Employability, IBE) in Ludwigshafen. With a questionnaire specifically developed for the Fair Company Initiative, the IBE considers twelve aspects that are important to young professionals. 

Picture: Graphic „Germany’s Top Employers 2021” (Stern) and “Fair Company” (Handelsblatt), available only in Germany language (Original: „Deutschlands beste Arbeitgeber 2021“ (Stern) and „Fair Company“ (Handelsblatt)).

© Zeppelin GmbH


30.09.2020, Garching near Munich

Zeppelin Group is out of the office – but not out of work!

The Zeppelin Group is taking a brave and pioneering step toward a new future. As of October 1, 2020, mobile working will become a permanent alternative rather an exceptional case: A new Group Works Agreement enables mobile working for Zeppelin employees in Germany as long as it is sensible and can be implemented – without any time restrictions. The primary objective of the new agreements is efficient combination of office work and mobile work, a so-called hybrid approach that enables the advantages of both worlds to be brought together. 

"The coronavirus crisis has shown us that mobile working not only has a positive impact on the company in terms of flexibility, modernity and digital transformation. Employee's work-life balance and satisfaction can also greatly benefit from the individual arrangement of working hours and place of work," says Alexandra Mebus, Zeppelin Group Managing Director and Labor Director. In order to take into account the changed framework conditions, the existing regulations regarding "mobile working" have been revised – and realigned – in close cooperation between HR and the works councils. Starting October 1, 2020, this makes it possible for Zeppelin employees in Germany to work anywhere: all employees of Zeppelin GmbH and its domestic subsidiaries are covered by the new regulation.

In order to take into account the various team structures, areas of activity and tasks of the employees, the new specifications were deliberately designed without a time guideline. "We are convinced that varied forms of work are the best prerequisites for motivation, cooperation and productivity," says Mebus. Not every activity can be carried out flexibly from locations outside of the office space, but Zeppelin is clearing the way for individual solutions wherever possible.

The prerequisite for location-independent work is the approval of the manager. This is because mobile work at Zeppelin is based on the principle of "double voluntariness." This means that no employee can be obliged to work remotely, but there is also no entitlement to do so. A workstation in the workplace remains assured at all times. The possibility of desk sharing solutions is currently being examined at the large locations and where it makes sense. In addition, the topic is being closely monitored by HR and the works councils. Employees and managers are being supported with various training courses on topics such as hybrid work, mobile working and virtual leadership.

"During the coronavirus crisis, we had exclusively positive experiences with mobile working and are now using what we have learned to align our working environments with future requirements," says Peter Gerstmann, CEO and Chairman of the Zeppelin Group Management Board. He adds: "By doing so, we are transporting the agility of our start-up organizations from digitization to our traditional corporate divisions!"

Caption: Alexandra Mebus, Zeppelin GmbH Managing Director and Labor Director in her office at the Group headquarters in Garching and mobile working from her home. © Zeppelin GmbH, Photographer: Paul Träger

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