Changes in the Zeppelin Group Supervisory Board

20.07.2018, Friedrichshafen

Dipl.-Ing. Werner Baier is leaving the Zeppelin GmbH Supervisory Board after almost 30 years. Prof. Yasmin Mei-Yee Weiß has been appointed as a new member

Dipl.-Ing. Werner Baier, a Shareholder Representative, is leaving the Zeppelin GmbH Supervisory Board after almost 30 years. Prof. Yasmin Mei-Yee Weiß was appointed as his successor by shareholders and the Zeppelin Foundation Council in the Supervisory Board meeting on July 20, 2018.

The Supervisory Board and Group Management Board of Zeppelin GmbH bade farewell to Dipl.-Ing. Werner Baier, and in the same meeting welcomed Prof. Yasmin Mei-Yee Weiß to her new office as the first female Shareholder Representative.

"With Werner Baier’s departure we have lost an outstanding and formative entrepreneur from the Zeppelin GmbH Supervisory Board. He was active in successfully shaping the company’s development with his intelligent, objective, and calm approach. Werner Baier was a valuable adviser and supporter to me, both as a person and as an entrepreneur. Zeppelin benefited from his strategic and entrepreneurial vision, particularly when the company experienced difficult times. Werner Baier has decided to leave us for age-related reasons, and we are extremely sad to see him go. We marvel at the entrepreneurial and social commitment he has always shown, and I would like to thank him personally on behalf of the Zeppelin Foundation and the Zeppelin Group for his consistently fair, constructive, and valuable collaboration on our board.

We are delighted that, in Prof. Weiß, we have found a successor with outstanding qualifications. I have no doubt that she will bring valuable insights based on her wide range of experience and in particular her international profile. I wish her a positive start as she joins our ranks," commented Andreas Brand, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Zeppelin GmbH, during the summer meeting of the Supervisory Board on July 20.

Peter Gerstmann, Chairman of the Management Board of Zeppelin GmbH added: "Werner Baier played a key role in shaping the image of the Zeppelin GmbH Supervisory Board for almost 30 years. In doing so, we stood together shoulder-to-shoulder as we wrote history, for example when we launched on the Russian market 20 years ago. We are grateful for the many years of positive collaboration we have enjoyed with him. Looking forward, I happily anticipate much dialog and collaboration with Ms Weiß. Her appointment also takes us further on our chosen path of bringing on board more female managers in our company."

The Zeppelin Group Supervisory Board is formed on the basis of parity in accordance with Section 7 of the German Co-Determination Act and is composed of six Shareholder and Employee Representatives each.

Caption: The new and departing member of the Zeppelin GmbH Supervisory Board: Yasmin Mei-Yee Weiß and Werner Baier. © Zeppelin GmbH