Zeppelin Group launches new brand presence

12.12.2018, Garching near Munich

The combination of the word and figurative mark and the indigo blue corporate color will define the company’s appearance in future

From today, the Zeppelin Group will be sporting a reworked fresh appearance. New additions include a figurative mark, extending the word mark used to date, and the indigo blue corporate color. The new corporate design emphasizes the company’s service and solutions portfolio. It also bolsters the company’s distinctiveness in the era of digitization.

In a competitive environment, high recognition value is absolutely essential – and a combination of words and images is particularly memorable. So the Zeppelin Group has decided to add a figurative mark to its word mark. This comprises two enclosing elements that form a “Z” for Zeppelin, and represent the interlinkage and unity of the company. The new indigo blue corporate color also makes the company stand out from the competition. It emphasizes Zeppelin’s stability and stands for the technological strength of the brand, which is renowned for its characteristic progress and dynamism.

Zeppelin has always placed equally great importance on a future focus and respect for tradition, which is why the company paid special attention to the Group’s roots when redesigning its brand presence. The Zeppelin lettering, which the company has been using since the 1970s, and the corporate tagline “We Create Solutions” – an important part of the Group’s identity – remain unchanged. The Zeppelin corporate design offers a renewed visual interpretation of these strengths.

“This relaunch of our appearance is allowing us to encapsulate the further development of our company in our appearance. It also enables us to communicate the shared strengths of our company, that connect us and express our brand more clearly to the outside world,” explains Peter Gerstmann, Chairman of the Group Management Board.

The one exception in terms of the new corporate design is Zeppelin’s status as a partner to Caterpillar: The long years of strategic partnership between the two companies will continue to be reflected in the long-established dealer logos.

Caption: The Management Board of the Zeppelin GmbH with the new word and figurative mark: Peter Gerstmann (Chairman of the Management Board), Michael Heidemann (Vice Chairman of the Management Board), Alexandra Mebus (Managing Director and Director of Industrial Relations), Christian Dummler (Managing Director and CFO) (from left to right).

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