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Control cabinets and control stations
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Control cabinets and control stations


Our control cabinets and control stations are designed specifically for the specific project at hand, and are compliant with current norms and standards.

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Control cabinets and control stations

Our control cabinets and control stations are integrated into Zeppelin plants and products, and contain the electric and electronic components needed to manage operation of a processing plant. Our control cabinets provide a protective function for the electric and electronic components, protecting against environmental factors such as dust and water, while also ensuring an organized component structure. Furthermore, they can be tailored to specifically suit specific customer facilities, and still ensure compatibility with the normative standard, making it easier to perform maintenance and repairs. Where there are no specific customer requirements, we use the standard Zeppelin control cabinet implementation. Our control stations are generally installed directly on-site in the plant. These control stations are individually adapted for the appropriate application, such as sub-processes on baking lines for example; incorporating solids and liquids, or controlling temperature or pressure. Their functional design is part of their appeal, as the control station can be fitted with a hygienic or stainless steel housing, to significantly increase robustness and hygiene, as well as making them much easier to clean. The stainless steel housing is suitable for chemicals plants, while the hygienic housing type is intended for food industry plants. Plant operation is significantly simplified by means of integrated touchscreens equipped with graphical user interfaces that can also display visualizations of the plant or individual plant components.