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Discharge and storage technology
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Discharge and storage technology


Zeppelin offers perfect system solutions that include safe storage. We are active in all major markets, creating the best solutions for you.

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Discharge and storage technology

Success from the very beginning

As early as during raw material intake, our customers lay the foundations for successful plant operation. We are on hand with the necessary knowledge to advise you – even when it comes to the question of location inside or outside the building. We analyze the spatial and structural context, take hygiene considerations into account, note environmental requirements as well as occupational health and safety regulations, and offer you the best solution.

Our flexible system solutions can handle any form of delivery – whether it be containers, sacks, Big Bags or tanker loading, not to mention solid or liquid material. We can process any product.

Having the right structural design and engineering configuration for your silo is of vital importance in ensuring optimal operation at all times. Our structural engineers will take all current calculation bases and country-specific regulations into account, such as high winds or earthquake load We also offer a variety of output assistants for reliable discharge of bulk material from vessels or silos.

Built-in explosion protection by means of explosion pressure relief, as well as preventive explosion protection through the earthing of all plant components and the elimination of ignition sources are also included in our product range.

Using configuration data for the silo, we prevent the occurrence of arch- and funnel-formation, asymmetric flow channels, separation and condensation. In addition, the use of proven anti-honking systems helps to ensure trouble-free processes, securing your operational success. Particularly when you need to store bulk material from new production processes, where the flow properties are unknown, we can use shear tests to reliably determine these in advance.