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Zeppelin plants help to close the recycling loop and achieve high levels of energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Closing the recycling loop

In Germany alone, around 630,000 metric tons of old tires are accrued each year; for the EU as whole the figure is 3.2 million metric tons, and for the USA 4.4 million metric tons. Of this quantity 4% in the EU end up in landfill, while 50% are burned in the furnaces of the cement industry – truly a terrible waste of valuable raw materials, as every car tire contains approximately 2 to 3 kg of carbon black.

Zeppelin is determined to combat this waste, and to ensure it does business sustainably, by recycling. Working with our project partner Pyrolyx AG, we have succeeded in reclaiming oil, gas and the particularly valuable substance carbon black from tires at a large technical scale.

The quality of the carbon black plays a decisive role in determining the efficiency of the process. As a leading system supplier for the tire industry, we enjoy an excellent reputation within the sector, built on our engineering expertise. Our turnkey recycling plants are designed to close the recycling loop, conserve resources and help us to do our part in ensuring that energy efficiency and sustainability are not merely buzzwords, but have a real and lasting impact.