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ShearDos shear stream mixer
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ShearDos shear stream mixer


Shear stream mixers can be used to agitate and mix liquids and also to mix and homogenize dry ingredients with liquids.

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ShearDos shear stream mixer

In addition to simply agitating and mixing liquid components, shear stream mixers can also be used for the intensive mixing and gentle homogenization of dry ingredients with liquids. This process preserves the properties of the raw material intact, and also allows them to develop in the mixture.

In baking businesses, flour products are mixed with water, oil, yeast and cultures to produce pre-ferments and sourdoughs, for example. It takes less than two minutes to manufacture a homogeneous product that lends itself excellently to further processing; for better hydration in such applications, a dough yield (TA) of 200 from 100 parts of flour is recommended. The ShearDos can also produce muffin dough and waffle and pancake batter, among other things. This mixing activity can be performed in batches, or continuously in concert with other machinery.