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With Henschel mixers®, Zeppelin is setting the standards for mixing technology. In the plastics, chemicals, paint and varnish industries, as well as in the food sector, our mixing expertise is exceptional. We offer the right solution for your mixing tasks, in terms of process, handling, and processing. 

Since 2009, Henschel mixers® has been part of leading international plant engineering company Zeppelin. In the context of a full process solution, the mixers are a byword for exceptional technical solutions and outstanding end product quality.

Vertical or horizontal Henschel mixers® are the right choice for your special process or, for example, for cooling or homogenizing. Not only do Henschel container mixers guarantee contamination-free production, they also offer outstanding options for extremely high-speed cleaning with no residues left behind.

Our mixers meet international standards and feature special explosion-protection measures to ensure outstanding safety.


Henschel mixer®, vertical type high-intensity mixer (high-speed mixer)


High-intensity Henschel mixers® are essential for the most demanding requirements. The fast-running mixer tool introduces friction-generated heat to the material be mixed.

Henschel mixer®, vertical type cool mixer / universal mixer

KM 1750_001_Vertikal-Langsam-Mischer.jpg

Vertical, low-speed Henschel mixers® can be universally used for the homogenization and temperature control of all kinds of bulk material.

Henschel mixer®, horizontal type cool mixer/universal mixer

HC 1700_Horizontal-Kühlmischer.jpg

Horizontal HENSCHEL mixers® enable low-friction homogenization and temperature control for both simple and highly complex mixing tasks, and offer high throughput.

Henschel mixer®, container mixer type


The Henschel mixers® in our container mixer range are equipped with a flexible system, using transportable returnable containers for a variety of applications, and requiring less time for cleaning.

Mixer for the food industry


Mixer for gentle and high-intensity mixing of free-flowing and poorly flowing dry materials, as well as liquids and paste-like materials in the food industry; complies with special hygiene regulations.

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Free inspection of your mixers

Zeppelin Systems offers all its customers a free inspection once a year!

1. You make an appointment with our service department.

2. We send our service technician for the mixer inspection. 

3. We check for:

  • Weak points for future unexpected failure of consequential damages
  • Health & safety at work (controls safety equipment, occupational safety)
  • Potential for more efficient operation on the mixer (higher throughput, better production quality) 
4. You will receive an inspection report and can thus plan any necessary measures. 




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Zeppelin mixing technology


Zeppelin mixing technology

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