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The Zeppelin Group is a company steeped in tradition, with technical expertise gained over the course of many years. The Group’s roots can be found in the visionary and entrepreneurial spirit of Count Zeppelin, with the insight and knowledge gained in airship construction forming the basis for everything we do now. Today, Zeppelin offers solutions in the sectors of construction and mining equipment, agricultural machinery, rental, construction logistics and construction site management, drive systems and energy, engineering, and plant engineering, and develops new digital business models for the construction industry.

Interesting facts about our history

1900: Graf Zeppelin and his vision of creating an airship


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The first time Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin rode in a balloon was as an observer in 1863 during the American Civil War. This and other experiences he gained when using balloons led to the Graf’s idea of building a steerable airship in 1874.

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1908: The wonder of Echterdingen – or how the Zeppelin Foundation came about


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On August 5, 1908, the LZ 4 airship built by Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin burst into flames. Moved by the tragedy and impressed by the Count’s inventive spirit, the Germans collected a large amount of goldmark to support him.

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1950: Metal construction and technical expertise – founding the Zeppelin Group


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During the Second World War, nearly every building and system of the former Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH in Friedrichshafen were destroyed. Read how the Zeppelin Foundation nevertheless managed to establish Metallwerk Friedrichshafen as a successor company.

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1994: Zeppelin and Caterpillar celebrate 40 years of successful partnership


In 1954, Zeppelin and Caterpillar decided to enter into a partnership: what started out with thedistribution and service of Caterpillar products in the former West Germany developed into a successful international partnership in many European and Eurasian countries.

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More about the history of the Group

70 years of Zeppelin: the anniversary blog

Exciting insights, interesting stories, and interesting facts about Zeppelin: our blog from 2020 invites you to explore the past, present and future of the Group. 

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