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Why Zeppelin

Just as our customer relationships are based on excellence, we rely on integrity and long-term, trust-based collaboration with our employees.

We're proud of the results of the employee opinion survey² conducted in spring 2017 together with the geva-institut:
83% of employees surveyed would recommend Zeppelin as an employer.
89% of employees surveyed are proud of their work.

And it's important to us that our employees feel valued for their contribution to the company's success and feel happy as part of the Zeppelin Group. With these principles in mind, we have put together an attractive package for our employees.


Our principles

If you decide to work for Zeppelin, you can build your career on the following foundations:

→ "Focus on our people": our understanding of our values is reflected in this central strategic initiative. As a service provider for our customers, we depend on the motivation and commitment of our employees for everything we do. It is of utmost importance, so we focus on working with our employees in a spirit of trusting partnership, fostering positive relationships.

Zeppelin Group is a foundation-owned company. Today the Zeppelin Foundation continues to own a stake in Zeppelin GmbH via Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH. Every year, the Group donates part of its profits to the Zeppelin Foundation in Friedrichshafen.

→ "Grafen move your heart." That's one of our 10 "Grafensätze" (our principles) that we have developed in-house to describe our values culture.

At Zeppelin, we know that our enthusiasm for our work is the basis for our business success because it is our passion for what we do that ensures we achieve remarkable things. A positive attitude, openness to new ideas, and

curiosity are basic requirements. With the power of our conviction, we also fill our customers with enthusiasm for innovative solutions and products from our manufacturing partners such as Caterpillar. Enthusiasm and emotion, credibility, and quality – we convince you and move your heart.

→ At Zeppelin, we are proud of our flat hierarchies and fast decision-making processes. Of course, we are also proud of our success in the market. Part of securing this success is in giving our employees a voice, whether in daily direct

conversation with managers, as part of institution-wide idea management, or through regular employee opinion surveys. We want to know what moves our employees.

→ As a provider of solutions for the complex, diverse challenges that our customers face, we rely on the professional and personal expertise of our employees, and we only succeed through their dedication. We believe that for this dedication to flourish at Zeppelin, we are required to make a long-term commitment to training and development. We have taken this challenge 

seriously, and we currently offer our employees a wide range of training opportunities and training and development programs.

We aim to fill as many specialist and management positions as possible from within the company, and to this end, we are developing an internal talent management system.

→ Our working time models vary depending on the business model and the nature and site of employee deployment. We offer an individual mix of flextime

models, trust-based working time models, and the option to work part time.



“We create solutions” – we make this promise not just for our customers, but also to all employees in the Zeppelin Group. A strong employee focus, flat hierarchies and team working allow us to assess specific cases and provide solutions on an individual basis. Our strength lies in our flexibility.

A better work-life balance is a central future-focused subject for HR work at the Zeppelin Group. We want to implement an HR policy that responds to each employee’s present stage of life, thereby putting in place binding regulations and suitable tools for our employees that will distinguish us as an employer that is oriented on the future.

The Group’s management holding company – Zeppelin GmbH – has already made a start and has held the berufundfamilie audit quality seal since 2015. The German business units in the Zeppelin Group have now followed suit and are also certified by the berufundfamilie audit. Read more here.


→ Our remuneration structures are based on each employee's role and respective range of responsibilities. As a company focused on service provision,

the commitment of our employees plays a central role in our success. Here at Zeppelin, we encourage and acknowledge individual achievement.

→ In addition to performance-based remuneration, we offer our employees a range of fringe benefits, including one-off payments and noncash benefits for specific occasions (e.g., company anniversaries). For example, we will celebrate

with you if you get married or if there is a new arrival in your home. Our employees can also count on being granted special leave in certain situations, and they can expect our support in the event of certain medical necessities.

→ Here at Zeppelin, we want to make sure our employees are well looked after when they are older. That's why we offer our employees a combination of pension modules that are financed solely by the company (e.g., via a Group support fund) and the option to provide for their old age by making gross

contributions from their salaries. The HR departments of the respective Group companies will be pleased to provide you, as an employee, with details of our company pension scheme.