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Drive and power systems

We offer all around drives and energy. The right engine for every application, drive systems for optimum availability of your machines, and power systems for reliable energy and heat supply. 

Engines for various industries


Industrial engines for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, forestry, recycling, demolition or logistics.


Marine engines are used on cargo and cruise ships, on yachts or in inland shipping.


Caterpillar engines for locomotives, shunting and mainline locomotives on industrial, private and state railroads. 


For use in onshore and offshore oil and gas production, drilling, gas compression and well service.


Engines for power generation with gas and diesel engines or equipment for combined heat and power plants and CHP plants.

100% operational effectiveness: Drive & power systems

Reliable supply

With our gensets we ensure the power supply and deliver energy around the clock. The gensets are suitable for different industries and are available in various power ranges. 


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Drive for your machines

With gear units, pumps and marine propellers, we move your machines forward. Our drive solutions are also available as a complete package.

Our services

Exchange programs for engines

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Exchange programs

Turbocharger Service

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Oil diagnosis


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